For a catalog of Wadman’s reporting for Scienceclick here. Other featured articles and appearances are listed below.

April 10, 2019: The Kyiv connection to the measles epidemic. Wadman speaks with Marco Werman, the host of Public Radio International’s The World, about the roots of a massive Ukranian measles epidemic that has seeded current U.S. outbreaks.

March 13, 2019: The Latest Measles Outbreaks Are Leading To Legislative Changes. Wadman discusses vaccine politics with NPR’s Joshua Johnson on 1A

March 10, 2019: The Cost of Speaking Out? #MeTooSTEM Activist May Lose Her Job. Wadman discusses a prominent #metoo case from the science community on NPR’s Living Lab Radio on WGBH Boston

January 30, 2018: Book Review: “How to Achieve ‘The End of Epidemics’” Preventing the next major disease outbreak will require better health infrastructure, citizen activism—and $7.5 billion a year. By Meredith Wadman (The Wall Street Journal)

May 19, 2017: “Medicine’s Age of Wonders.” Wadman’s book review of William Rosen’s history of antibiotic development. (The Wall Street Journal)

May 17, 2017: “Traveling Abroad? Born Before 1989? You May Need a New Measles Vaccination.” (Slate)

March 2, 2017: “Henrietta Lacks Wasn’t the Only Woman Who Unknowingly Contributed to Medical History” (Slate)

February 22, 2017: “What the Hard Lessons of Rubella Teach Us About a Zika Vaccine” (Time)

December 7, 2015:  “The truth about fetal tissue research” (Nature)

September 25, 2015: “No excuse for cruelty to goats raised for medical research” (The San Jose Mercury News)

February 13, 2015: “Doctors who minimize measles should lose their licenses” (Time)

August, 2014: “The cure for cancer that parents won’t use” (The Washington Post)

October, 2013: “How to Increase the Number of Women Winning Nobel Prizes” (Time)

June, 2013: “Cell Division” (Nature)